Category: SPRING 2018: Composition 102-C

The following handouts cover the English 102 Final Project:

Research & Writing Process Overview
Final Project Research Specifications
Final Project Argumentative Outline
Project Proposal
Final Project Source Notes

Download Paper #3 details. Also, review a sample Works Cited page plus a worksheet to outline your argument. Last, see the grading criteria for #3.

Relevant to our discussion of essays by Norberg and Ehrenreich/Fuentes, the following coverage (video below) of corporation critics and performance pranksters The Yes Men reports on one of their satirical hoaxes. Also, this YouTube link will lead you to a CNN story on iPhone factory work in China. A few more links also update these essays with more info on Coca-Cola’s operations in Colombia and an iPhone factory riot.

In the video above, MSNBC’s Toure discusses how journalists use language.

For your English 102 Paper #2 (the Media Journal), review these instructions, critical analysis strategies, and grading criteria. Also, this MLA handout highlights the main features of documenting and citing sources in the Modern Languages Association style. And here’s a relevant video on the end of investigating reporting at CNN:

…above clip from Idiocracy (2006)…

Consider the following Media Concepts and Questions handout while reviewing the news for upcoming class discussions and writing.

This handout should help you evaluate sources so that you can find the best news reporting:

Also, enjoy this British comedy spoof on predictable TV journalism production (below).

A reminder to double-check source quotes for accuracy, from John Oliver (host of Last Week Tonight):

Here’s a handout with brief excerpts from several articles about the wealth gap, plus a video featuring Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, with more ideas about the topic covered by Chrystia Freeland.

(VIDEO: From MSNBC’s The Cycle, on the topic of open borders, relevant to the Tara John article and Paper #1.)

Paper #1 began with in-class rough-drafting, and here are basic paper-formatting guidelines and computer-lab instructions from Week One plus Blackboard uploading instructions. Also, review the following handouts and links relevant to completing this first writing assignment for a grade.

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See the following assignment handout for instructions on how to complete the Paraphrasing, Quoting, and In-Text Citing Exercise whenever it is assigned. Also, review these tips on the exercise.

Click on the excerpt-image above to download “What is plagiarism?” as a PDF file, so you can review a brief but full definition of plagiarism and tips on how to avoid it.

Article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.