(VIDEO: From MSNBC’s The Cycle, on the topic of open borders, relevant to the Tara John article and Paper #1.)

Paper #1 began with in-class rough-drafting, and here are basic paper-formatting guidelines and computer-lab instructions from Week One plus Blackboard uploading instructions. Also, review the following handouts and links relevant to completing this first writing assignment for a grade.

Now that you have received feedback on your rough draft (see the Correction Symbols handout), consider these tips for revising and final drafting of Paper #1, as well as some English 101 review of thesis statement construction and paragraph structure (demonstrating how a paragraph mirrors the structure of an essay: introductory sentence, body/development sentence or sentences, and concluding sentence). Also, for your research documentation and citation, review general MLA instructions in this handout and in your textbook (pages 362-368) plus specific tips for Paper #1 MLA citation. Here also is a longer handout to save and refer to throughout the semester for help with common MLA/composition questions.

If you need extra English grammar and writing mechanics review, check out the following web site for Online Writing Lessons and Exercises.

Also, review the Paper #1 grading criteria, to see how the grade will be calculated per the main composition elements in your work. And before we forget, here’s another reminder about plagiarism that charts penalties for plagiarism.

(VIDEO: Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush debate immigration and suggest open borders in 1980.)

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