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HOY cover-feature art, courtesy of Eric J. García.

“C2E2: The After Party”
By Benjamin Ortiz, Hoy Contributor
“Fin de Semana” (Weekend Edition) cover feature
April 21-22, 2012

Arcade games in standing cabinets and classic Atari and Nintendo systems plugged into window-length TVs are pitching muddled hues across shadowed walls in a darkened warehouse, flickering bleary day-glow colors across murals, T-shirts, a ping-pong table and the dull, crackling light bulb of a popcorn machine, while hokey 8-bit tunes boom from amplifiers that make the cavernous space feel like the inside of a coin-operated “Space Invaders” game from 1978, punctuated by electronic crackles and hyped-up guffaws from spectators.

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Chicago Tribune Perspective on the White Sox

Download my first Tribune article (30 Oct. 2005) as a PDF file.

Raising Discourse From the Dead at an American City College
The Warsaw kid has just turned in a paper this morning comparing himself to George Orwell in 1930s Europe, making a leap from Down and Out in Paris and London to selling bootleg American DVDs for beer money in 21st century Poland. When I pass out todayÂ’s reading, I canÂ’t wait to see what he thinks about the chat between guest writers Antara Dev Sen and Dinesh DÂ’Souza, since he usually has the most sardonic comments during class discussion, deflating high American seriousness with Eastern European deadpan.

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Mariachi + Rush = World Music

“Said one American: ‘I can hear those goddamn radios blaring Mariachi music and Rush all day and night.'” — The Onion, reporting on Mexico and Canada building a bridge over the U.S.

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