News Reporting & Writing and the Uptown Exchange student newspaper at Truman College welcome you to join in the following talks with professional journalists on a variety of topics, including how to pursue stories for publication and broadcast.

All sessions take place at Truman College (1145 W. Wilson, Uptown, Chicago).

Thurs., Jan. 31, 11:30am, Room #2953 — Former feature writer and editor of the Wilmington Morning Star in North Carolina, CLIFTON TRUMAN DANIEL directs Public Relations and writes web stories that represent Truman College to the world. Daniel will speak on his journalism experiences and the differences between news writing and PR. He will also talk about specific approaches to on-line reporting and writing.
Tues., Feb. 26, 11:30am, Room #2953 — Editor of the Chicago Journal News-Star, LORRAINE SWANSON, covers neighborhood news and public interest issues for the community newspaper that carries stories about Uptown and other North Side neighborhoods. Swanson will speak about covering a community beat.
Tues., March 4, 11:30am, Room #2953 — Truman student at large KARI McCLEAN represents The Night Ministry as Coordinator for Public & Media Relations. In Spring 2005, she completed the News Reporting & Writing class and contributed articles to the Uptown Exchange premiere issue. Students will learn answers to the question: What can you do with the journalism program at Truman?
Tues., March 11, 11:30am, Room #2953 — Retired Truman creative-writing professor and winner of an Honorable Mention from The Best American Essays series, MEL LIVATINO talks about using Truman journalism and composition training to write creative non-fiction and literary prose.
Tues., March 25, 11:30am, Room #2953 — Investigative reporter and Medill School of Journalism graduate JEFF KELLY LOWENSTEIN writes as a staffer for the Chicago Reporter and will talk to students about developing the instincts of an investigative reporter.
Thurs., March 27, 11:30am, Room #2953 — Novelist and retired Truman instructor MICHAEL RALEIGH talks about how he got into creative writing and how students can use writing instruction to pursue poetry and fiction writing.
Thurs., April 10, 11:30am, Room #2953 — Award-winning journalist and Medill graduate ROXANE ASSAF works at Truman as Director of Teaching and Learning Programs, in addition to having been a television producer, disc jockey, documentary filmmaker, essayist, and performance artist. Her work in Bethlehem and Jerusalem won a 2002 National Arab Journalists Association’s Excellence in Journalism Award.
Tues., April 29, 11:30am, Room #2953 — ANTONIO ROSAS-LANDA visits from HOY newspaper, Chicago’s Spanish-language daily, where he works as Senior Editor of the Editorial Page. He’ll talk about the significance of opinion pages for Chicago Latino journalism.
Thurs., May 1, 11:30am, Room #2953 — Truman Communications faculty ROBERT HUGHES has had a distinguished teaching career notable also for his publishing of a book-length memoir and regular contributions to the Chicago Tribune, WBEZ’s “848,” and the “My Turn” section of Newsweek. Hughes will talk about how he started writing and how he now teaches students to become perspective writers.

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